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Latihan Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 7 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013 Tahun 2021


Pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan coba sedikit share Soal Latihan dan kunci Jawaban yaitu Soal Tingkat SMP/MTs Kelas VII Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013.

Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) merupakan salah satu bentuk evaluasi belajar yang materi soalnya diambilkan dari setengah materi dalam satu semester.

Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) menjadi salah satu penilaian hasil belajar selain bentuk penilaian lainnya, seperti Penilaian Ulangan Harian, Penilaian Tugas, dan Penilaian Akhir Semester.

Tujuan Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) secara umum adalah untuk menilai pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik selama semester dan hasilnya dijadikan sebagai bahan penyusunan laporan kemajuan belajar.

Sebentar lagi adik-adik akan menghadapi PAS semester 1 atau ganjil. Agar adik-adik SMP/MTs khusus Kelas 7 dapat nilai baik dalam Penilaian Akhir Semester (PAS) kelas 7 SMP/MTS.

Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 7 Semester 1 Kurikulum 2013 Tahun 2021

1. Rudi : I’m Rudi. …..
Ani : my name is Ani

A. Nice to meet you
B. What’s your name?
C. See you later
D. Thank you
2. Arrange the following sentences into a good dialogue.
1. Hello, Dewi!
2. Hello, Mr. Hartawan. Nice to meet you
3. His name’s Hartawan
4. Nice to meet you, Riska.
5. Hi, Riska
6. Riska, this is my father.

A. 5–1–4–3–2–6
B. 5–1–3–6–2–4
C. 5–1–6–3–2–4
D. 5–1–2–3–6-4
Questions 3 and 4

George : Who arethey, Garry?
Garry : They are Mr. Bob and Mr. Joe. They are American football players. George : Mr. Bob is small and short. Mr. Joe is ….(3)….
Garry : I’ll talk with them (4) Garry.
Garry : Bye.

3. ........

A. big and tall
B. big and short
C. small and tall
D. small and short
4. ........

A. Hello
B. Thanks
C. Good morning
D. Goodbye
Question 5 – 7

5. The card is about Cathy’s ….

A. Personal identity
B. Date of birth
C. Nationality
D. Occupation
6. Cathy is travelling to Indonesia for ….

A. visiting her family
B. getting a job
C. studying
D. a picnic
7. The word sure name means ….

A. nickname
B. first name
C. family name
D. forename
8. Arini : What time do you get up every day? Sinta : I usually … at 5 o’clock.

A. got up
B. get up
C. gets up
D. have got up
9. Adi : That’s a nice pet bird!
Anton : …. I just got it at a pet shop.

A. sorry
B. oh, thanks
C. see you later
D. you’re welcome
Questions 10 – 12
Our school has a library. It is between the school office and the laboratory. Our librarian is Mr. Pranata.
Mr. Pranata is in his office. It is in the library. He is sitting behind his desk. He is numbering the new books. He is a busy and hard working librarian.
Our school library opens everyday but Sunday. It starts at 8 a.m. and stops at 2 p.m. On Friday, it closes earlier,
usually at 11 o’clock.

There are some students in the library now. Some are looking for books. The others are reading magazines, newspapers or books.

10. What is Mr. Pranata?

A. a laboratory assistant
B. a teacher
C. a headmaster
D. a librarian
11. Activities in the library is thetopic of paragraph ….

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1
12. What time does the school library begin?

A. 11 a.m.
B. 10 a.m.
C. 8 a. m
D. 2 a.m.
Question for 13

13. Some sentences of Yuliana’s post card are jumbled up. Rearrange them!

A. 6–1–3–4–2–5
B. 6–3–1–4–2–5
C. 6–3–4–5–2–1
D. 6–3–5–2–4–1
Question 14

14. Students 1 : What’s the librarian carrying?
Students 2 : He’s carrying …

A. novels
B. catalogues
C. member cards
D. dictionaries
Questions 15 – 16

Hi! My name is Mariana. These are my friends at school. Theirnames are Elizabeth and Helen.
My favorite subject is Math and English. Math is at 8:30 on Monday. English is at 10:15 on Tuesday.
Elizabeth’s favorite subject is History. History is at 9:15 on Wednesday. Helen’s favorite subject is art. Art is 12:00 on Friday.

15. What is Mariana’s favorite subject on Tuesday?

A. English
B. History
C. Math
D. Art
16. “These are my friends at school.” The word my refers to ….

A. the writer’s friend
B. Elizabeth
C. Mariana
D. Helen
17. Juan : Hi! Carlos. …. Carlos : Fine, thanks!

A. How’s life?
B. hello!
C. Morning!
D. Good bye!
18. X : It’s getting dark. … the light, please! Y : All right!

A. put off
B. get out
C. turn on
D. shut down
Question 19 – 20

19. From the diagram we knowthat Cathy is Mrs. Douglas Jones ….

A. son
B. daughter
C. nephew
D. sister
20. Who is the youngest of all?

A. Jeanette
B. Nicholas
C. Cathy
D. Bill
21. The best punctuation for this paragraph are ….
My name is Daniel. I am French. I live in a small town. I work in a hotel but I do not live in the hotel I live with my parents My home is near the hotel so I walk to work every day

22. Male birds are usually more beautiful than female birds. The peacock is a good example. The male peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. It is deep blue and green in color. Its long green tail feathers have eye spots. Each spot is green, black, and gold. In contrast, the peahen, a female peacock, is smaller. She is brown and green in color.

The text tells us about …

A. bird
B. animal
C. peacock
D. female bird
23. Diana is stepping on someone’s foot in the bus. Diana : ….
Someone : Yeah. It’s OK.

A. Hallo!
B. Thanks!
C. See you!
D. Oops, sorry
Question 24 – 25
My name is Regina. I am German. I live in a small town. I am not married. I …(24)… with mother and father,
my sister Heidi and my brother Rudolf. I …(25) … in a department store. I sell writing paper, envelopes, ballpoints, pencils and colored postcards.

24. ..........

A. go
B. live
C. look
D. take
25. ..........

A. leave
B. work
C. stay
D. take
Question 26 – 28
Nancy, a housewife, is quite a busy woman. She does many things: washes clothes, cleans the house, cooks, buys food, and plans things for her family. She is really the housekeeper and the driver for all of them. Her days are quite long. She has got three children. Lousie and Dick, seven and nine years old, are in school now, but Tommy, only three years old, isn’t. He goes to nursery school two morning a week. These two mornings are very nice for Nancy. Sh uses this time to read and rest a little.

26. How many children does Nancy have?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1
27. “These two mornings are very nice for Nancy”. The opposite of nice is ….

A. interesting
B. good
C. bad
D. annoying
28. The main idea of this paragraph is ….

A. her days are quite long
B. Nancy is a housewife
C. She has got 3 children
D. Nancy is a busy woman
29. Father : It’s getting hot in this room. Switch on …, please. Daughter : Sure.

A. the fan
B. the light
C. the heater
D. the refrigerator
30. Y : Do you like to eat meat? X : No. I … it.

A. like
B. love
C. dislike
D. enjoy
31. Lili : What are you looking for, Fatonah? Fatonah : a ….

A. fork
B. knife
C. plate
D. spoon
Questins 32 - 34

32. What does the text mainly about?

A. Restaurant
B. Saturday
C. Maya
D. Food
33. A bowl of cherries costs … thousand rupiahs.

A. one
B. five
C. three
D. one and half
34. “*) It is only on Saturday”. What does the word it refer to?

A. food
B. Special offer
C. Maya Restaurant
D. Salads, dishes, and desserts
35. X : What time is the flag ceremony on Monday? Y : It … begins at 7 o’clock.

A. usually
B. seldom
C. sometimes
D. once in a while
36. A : I feel hungry.
B : Do you … something to eat?

A. need
B. enjoy
C. dislike
D. hate
37. Mother : I need two eggs and some frying oil. Daughter: What do you … to prepare, mom?
Mother : An omelet.

A. dislike
B. want
C. hate
D. buy
38. Diah : Miss. Lusi … speak Japanese.
Asih : You know, she has lived in Japan for years.

A. cannot
B. can
C. will
D. will not
Questions 39 – 40
Look! These are our school uniforms. The hats are white and blue. The … (39)… is white. The belt is black.
The …(40)… is blue. The shoes are black. On Monday, I usually wear a blue tie.

39. .........

A. shorts
B. skirts
C. shirts
D. pants
40. .........

A. shirts
B. shocks
C. sleeves
D. trousers
41. Read the text carefully, and then fill the application form below!

My name is Wiem Gratandia. I’m twenty-four. I was born on April 1st 1978 in Bandung. I live at Panjaitan Street No. 50, Yogyakarta now. I am a shop assistant in “Yogya Antique Shop”. I buy and sell antique furniture. I also write for a magazine called Antiques Monthly. I like my job very much. I don’t work on Saturday or Sunday. Every Saturday, I play badminton.

42. My name is Cathy. This is my family: my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, and me. My father’s name is David. My mother’s name is Jane. My brother’s name is Philip. His …(a)… is Phil. And my …(b)… name is Janet. Her nickname is Jan.

43. Complete the following paragraph with suitable words.

44. Complete the dialogue
Vivi : I want to send a letter. I … an envelope … a stamp. Do you have any?
Her sister : Sure. Here you are.
Vivi : Thanks.

45. Complete the dialogue.
Anto : … is that girl?
Aji : She’s my only sister.
Anto : Do you have any brothers?
Aji : No. There are only two … in my family.

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