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Latihan Soal PTS/UTS Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 9 Semester 1 Tahun 2020 + Konci Jawaban


Soal PTS Semester 1 (Ganjil) ini merupakan soal terbaru yaitu Tahun 2020 dan di sertai dengan Kunci Jawaban.

Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan untuk mengukur pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik setelah melaksanakan 8-9 minggu kegiatan pembelajaran.

Cakupan penilaian tengah semester meliput seluruh indikator yang merepresantasikan seluruh KD pada periode tersebut.

Contoh Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PTS/UTS Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas IX Semester 1 Ganjil Kurikulum 2013 Tahun 2020

1. Lala : are you coming in lika’s birthday party to night?
Kaka : …. she has invited me. I haven’t got the invitation yet.

A. may be
B. of course
C. it’s possible
D. I don’t think
2. Nami : do you think that publishing this news will mean a huge increase in our sales volume?
Inem : …. but it’s worth considering

A. I agree
B. I don’t think so
C I’m not sure
D. I’m confused
3. Mrs Mala : If I do not have certificate showing ownership of property for the guarantee, will the bank lend me some money?
Mrs Puff : I can’t say that for sure

The underlined sentence is used to express …..

A. asking for certainty
B. uncertainty
C. disagreement
D. suggestion
This dialogue below is for 4, 5, and 6
Andi : Do we have any Science homework for tomorrow?
Ardi : Huh! Sorry, what did you say? It’s very noisy here.
Andi : I said, Do we have any Science homework for tomorrow?
Ardi : Yes. Mr. Doni told us to do the Science homework for tomorrow.
Andi : Is that true?
Ardi : Yes, it is.
Andi : Thank you. I have to go home now.

4. The underlined is showing ….

A. asking for clarification
B. expressing gratitude
C. asking and giving information
D. asking for repetition
5. Which statement is false?

A. Ardi and Andi have Science homework.
B. The home work should be submitted tomorrow.
C. Ardi will do the Science homework at home.
D. Ardi and Andi will do the Science homework together.
6. What expression is used by Ardi to ask repetition?

A. I beg your pardon, please?
B. Sorry, can you repeat again?
C. Huh! Sorry, what did you say?
D. Sorry, could you repeat what you just said?
The table below is for question 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11

The ways to activate the hand phone
1. First, open the cover of the hand phone
2. Secondly, open the battery part of the phone and you can find sim card slot inside
3. Third, insert the sim card to the sim card slot and put back the battery.
4. Fourth, close the battery with a cover of the hand phone.
5. Fifth, connect the cable of charger to the hole in the bottom of the hand phone. Charging the battery may take four up to six hours.
6. Sixth, when the battery is fully charged, the bar will stop scrolling.
7. Seventh, we can activate the hand phone with pushing the button on the side of it.
8. Finally we are ready to use our hand phone.

7. What kind of text is the text above?

A. narrative text
B. recount text
C. procedure text
D. descriptive text
8. The text describes?

A. How to get a hand phone.
B. How to activate a hand phone.
C. The materials of a hand phone.
D. How to put a sim card.
9. What should we do after inserting the sim card?

A. Open the cover of the hand phone.
B. Disconnect the charger.
C. Close the battery with the cover of hand phone.
D. Insert the battery inside.
10. “The ways to activate the handphone”
The synonym of the underlined word is ….

A. ingredients
B. steps
C. performances
D. devices
11. “Fifth, connect the cable of charger to the hole in the bottom of the hand phone.”
The antonym of the underlined word is ….

A. the height
B. the length
C. the case
D. the upper
12. …. pattient, please ! He will be here in a few seconds.

A. Do
B. Please!
C. Be
D. Not
13. …. this book if you want to know the answer of the question.

A. Buying
B. Using
C. Reading
D. Read
14. You always come late. Don’t … again next time.

A. be late
B. late
C. lately
D. arriving late
Read the following text to answer question 15, 16, 17, and 18!

Rhinoceros are wild animals which live in the forest. They have large heavy bodies. Their skins are very thick. They have horns on their noses. Their weight can be more than 2.250 kilograms for each.

Rhinoceros eat grass. They have so good muscle structures that they can run and change directions very fast. They can sprint at 56 km an hour. Rhinoceros have been reported to enter campsites at night, they scatter smoldering logs of fire, and then peacefully walk away.

Rhinoceroses don’t have very good eyesight for distance. The woodpeckers always accompany them. They give them warning system.

Rhinoceros are hunted for their horns. They are used to make traditional medicine. The rhinos are listed as endangered on the Red List of Threatened species.

15. How do rhinoceros know their enemies?

A. Rhinoceros don’t have very good eyesight
B. They have so good muscle structures
C. The woodpeckers always accompany them
D. The woodpeckers give warning system
16. “… and then peacefully walk away.” (paragraph two)
The word peacefully has the same meaning with .…

A. calmly
B. quietly
C. serenely
D. excitely
17. They give them warning system (the last sentence of the second paragraph)
What does the underline word refer to?

A. woodpecker
B. logs of fire
C. rhinoceros
D. good eyesight
18. Based on the text, which one of the following statement is incorrect?

A. Rhinoceros don’t have very good eyesight for distance.
B. Rhinoceros can run and change directions very fast
C. They have two horns on their noses.
D. The rhinos are listed as endangered on the Red List of Threatened species.
The text for 19, 20, 21, and 22

The cheetah is the …. (19) animal on land. It can run 100 kilometers an hour. It is now rare and is one of the animals which is in danger of extinction. The cheetah …. (20)a small head and ears, and long, powerful legs. It always hunts and …. (21) its prey on open ground. This is a different way of hunting from the other “big cats.” They like to stay in and near trees to catch their prey. The cheetah is also different from other cats …. (22) it cannot draw in its claws.

19. ......

A. fastest
B. largest
C. smallest
D. slowest
20. ......

A. are
B. has
C. have
D. is
21. ......

A. chases
B. is chasing
C. chased
D. has chased
22. ........

A. but
B. although
C. and
D. because
Read the following text to answer question 23, 24, and 25

23. Why does Amir send this message?

A. He wants to cancel his meeting
B. He wants to pick up Amir’s sister
C. He must meet Fajar at the office
D. He wants Fajar to pick up his sister
24. What does Fajar come to the school for? Fajar comes to school to pick up ….

A. Fajar’s sister
B. Amir’s sister
C. Fajar’s friend
D. Amir
25. “I can’t as I must attend …”.
The underlined word means ….

A. present
B. meet
C. visit
D. come

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Soal PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester Ganjil 
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